Redstone Armory

Enhancing the (Redstone) Flux Revolution!

From the minds of TehNut and Tombenpotter.
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Redstone Armory Changelog

Version formatting: MCVER-MAIN.SUB-BUILD


  • Ability stuff.
  • Changelogs should be a bit better from now on.

  • 1.7.10-r1.1-0pre3

  • Guess what! More fixes.

  • 1.7.10-r1.1-0pre2

  • Fix some things

  • 1.7.10-r1.1-0pre1

  • Initial 1.7.10 alpha port
  • Don't expect very good 1.7.10 alpha changelogs.

  • 1.6.4-r1.0-3pre

  • Fix Wrench not holding correct charge
  • Add materials to OreDict

  • 1.6.4-r1.0-2

  • Fix minor things

  • 1.6.4-r1.0-1

  • Fix config inversing
  • Fix Gelid Rod texture not registering.

  • 1.6.4-r1.0-0

  • Initial Release
  • Nothing much else to say here...